of Silverback Chrome

SILVERBACK CHROME is a brand that has been raised in Australia in the last few years to take its place as the leader in the industry of chrome exhaust components.

The parent company CSC Exhaust Parts searched the world for the solution to the growing demand for Chrome exhaust components, that not only offered the range and the quality, but could withstand the new high temperatures that the EURO emission standards imposed on new trucks.

Its in the HEART of AMERICA they found the SOLUTION and it was then SILVERBACK CHROME was BORN.

Silverback Chrome offers a range of chrome top stacks and chrome monster setups, complemented by a range of chromed stainless clamps, guards and air pipes that all combine to form the fast growing Silverback brand in Australia.
Silverback, proudly manufactured in America under professionally controlled conditions, produces a product of superior finish that is;

  • BOLD in its appearance and appeal,
  • TOUGH in its ability to endure the harshest conditions such as high temperatures, and
  • RARE in the unique character it offers every truck.

Silverback Chrome, under the parent company CSC Exhaust Parts, has been given dedicated attention and support to be able provide an answer to every need in the Chrome Exhaust industry.


A Fair Dinkum Upbringing